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Вебинары на сайте Cambridge University Press. Февраль 2015


ВебинарынасайтеCambridge University Press. Февраль2015


03.02.2015 Discovering video: the role of visual stimulus in the secondary classroom 
We'll be looking at the added value that video brings into the ELT classroom and how this relates specifically to teenage learners. For a generation brought up on screens, we will look at how video boosts motivation and engages students.

10.02.2015 Creating a stimulating classroom for very young learners 
The webinar covers areas related to organising the classroom, creating protocols for behavior and how to stimulate learning with children aged 4 to 6.

Вебинары от специалистов Cambridge English Language Assessment (Департамента Экзаменов Кембриджского университета)(http://www.cambridgeenglish.org/events/)

Cambridge English Teacher  (http://www.cambridgeenglishteacher.org/event-list)

11.02.2015 15:00 (UK Time) Creativity, Pedagogy and Mobile Technology. What is creativity and how do you incorporate it into daily lesson plans?  How can you also include mobile technology in the creative process so both you and your students are developing together?

22.04.2015 15:00 (UK Time) Writing: From A1-B1.Writing at beginner/elementary level offers a myriad of options. This webinar will lead you from easy and controlled writing towards activities with less guidance and freer expression. Topics will include tasks focussing on spelling, grammar, and the assessment of writing.


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