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«Кембриджский английский»: семинары для преподавателей английского языка


15 ноября  EnglishLab, экзаменационный центр СambridgeESOL в Екатеринбурге, Московское представительство CambridgeUniversityPress, Московское представительство UniversityofCambridgeESOLExaminations при поддержке Городской ассоциации учителей английского языка приглашают преподавателей английского языка на семинары специалиста по методике преподавания английского языка издательства Кембриджского университета Гари Андерсона по темам "CambridgeEnglishToolsforTeachingandTakingExams:Fittingroundpegsintosquareholes" и "TeachingYoungLearnersInside—andOutside—theBox".

Предлагаем познакомиться с программой семинара!


Gary Anderson was Pedagogical Director of the language program of the former American Center in Paris where he taught and co-ordinated classes for all ages of learners. He was President-elect of TESOL France when he joined Cambridge University Press as International Teacher Trainer based in Paris. He has since given talks and workshops in 60 countrieson five continents, including several times in Russia. He writes a blog On the Road with Gary Anderson: Tales from a Teacher Trainer at www.internationalteachertrainer.wordpress.com or via www.facebook.com/CambridgeUPELT  or www.cambridge.org/elt homepage.


15 ноября(четверг)

 14.00 - 15.30

CambridgeEnglish: Tools for Teaching and Learning for Exams

·         all Main Suite exams preparation

·         including for Schools products and online practice tests

·         Compact, Complete ,Objective series

16.30 - 18.00

Teaching Young Learners Inside and Outside the Box

·         YLE preparation

·         including Kid's Box and Fun for , Story Fun, i-box and i-dictionary

Место проведения: Новая Белинка, ул. Белинского 15, 2 этаж.

Участие в семинарах бесплатное.

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Окончание регистрации 10 ноября 2012 года.

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Professional Development: How does your tree grow?

How do you ensure your on-going, continual professional development: personal reflection and action research; sharing ideas with your colleagues and peers; participating in workshops organised in your school; reading professional books, journals and blogs; attending seminars and conferences; taking courses? We’ll be discussing these and other ways you can water and grow your own personal professional development tree while also looking at the new Cambridge English Teacher website where you can do these things—and more!—online.

CambridgeEnglish Tools for Teaching and Taking Exams:

 Fitting round pegs into square holes

After discussing the place of both coursebook and supplementary materials in and out of the classroom, we’ll try out activities from a range of Cambridge ELT materials for teaching and preparing Cambridge ESOL exams, especially Cambridge English for Schools exams. We’ll be looking at not only the Compact, Complete and Objective series, but also other exam preparation materials including both print and online Practice Tests, the online Cambridge Placement Test, materials informed by the Cambridge Learner Corpus for authentic, up-to-date exam help as well as mobile apps for digital native ‘screenagers’ plus the new Cambridge English Teacher website for teachers.Our goal will be to have some serious fun while reflecting on how to use such teaching and learning ‘tools’ to better fit students (the ‘round pegs’) into courses and exams (the ‘square holes’).

Teaching Young Learners Inside—and Outside—the Box

How can we involve children of all abilities and enable them to learn language better? By affective/effective teaching for Multiple Intelligences and by supplementing the course book with materials to stimulate the intelligence and sustain the interest of all types of young learners in different teaching situations. We’ll be looking at activities from Kid’s Box and its accompanying CD-ROMs, DVDs and Classware as well asfrom other Cambridge ELT materials for preparing Cambridge ESOL Young Learners English Tests including the Fun for... and Storyfun series as well as the digital Primary i-Dictionary and Primary i-Box. The aim will be to ensure all young pupils enjoyable ‘magic’ ways of learning English and teachers easy-to-use materials and ideas to take away to teach their classes inside—and outside—the box.




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